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Ieva  and Roy

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Our Story

Ieva and Roy first met while attending school together at the University of California, Los Angeles. Although their paths crossed a few times through mutual friends, it wasn't until a chilly night in April 2014 that their lives changed forever. Roy was arriving late to a party that Ieva was just leaving from, and they ran into each other at the perfect time. A connection formed instantly.

Their first date was at the Griffith Observatory, and although Ieva's most prominent memory of it was the brown polo that Roy wore that made him "look like a bear", their attraction to each other was undeniable. After years of dating, traveling around the world, living together with their mini farm of pets, and raising their dog-child Whispy, Roy finally proposed to Ieva during a weekend trip to Mammoth Lakes. The colorful foliage and nature made for a perfect backdrop, and with a little help from Whispy, she said yes.

Now, they are excited to celebrate their special day with family and friends in Vilnius, Lithuania!